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26 December 2006



Congratulations on your blog! Have fun with it, and be sure to share your art with everyone - we want to see!



Happy New Year and happy blogging, Sharon! Have been thinking of you recently...congratulations on the second printing!! Hooray for you!
I'm looking forward to reading your blog regularly.
warmest regards,


Congratulations, Sharon, and well done!

terry grant

Hope you find blogging as "indulgent" as I do! Looks great and I'm looking forward to future entries.



I like your blog and am thinking of starting one also.
I use either safari or firefox depending on the weather(seriously). My operating system is mac os 10.4.8


Welcome to blogland!! It looks great. I am so glad you are using typepad - blogspot is driving me nuts when I try to leave a comment. I will now add you to my blogrolling.


It was such a joy to meet you in Switzerland! Good luck with your blog, I'm sure it will be as interesting to read as it was to speak with you in person!

Aurora Fox

Your blog looks very proffessional! congrats!

Sarah Ann Smith

Sharon...the blog looks awesome, and no problems for me on Firefox on PC (and soon to migrate to ...hooray ... firefox on a Mac!).

You look fantastic.... and your attitude is one of the reasons why your recovery has gone so well. I'm proud of you even though I barely know you!

Anne Rexroad

Sarah is trying to teach me how to comment.

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